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Vaping is the process of inhaling vapor from an e-cigarette/ vape pen. Vaping is common among people who desire to stop smoking. E-cigarettes are handheld electronic devices. Inside the e-cigarette is a liquid (e-juice). Propane, nicotine, propylene glycol are some of the commonly used e-juices. Vaping pens are a good choice, as it does not present the harmful effects of tobacco. Vaping pens are essential in helping smokers gradually break off their attachment to nicotine. Vaping pen, when abused, can result in nicotine addictions. It is also possible for non-smokers to start smoking after vaping. 

The use of vape –pens has risen exponentially over the years. More people are returning to vaping as the safer alternative to smoking. The number of non-smokers who are turning to vaping for recreation is also increasing by the day. 

Reasons why people use e-cigarettes 

1. For recreation

2. To reduce or quit smoking. When vaping, you can add any ejuice of your choice. There are nicotine ejuices that have nicotine in different levels. You can use them to decrease your nicotine addiction and eventually fight it. 

3. Vaping is believed to be healthier than smoking. E-cigarettes do not have the toxins present in traditional cigars. In addition, vaping does not contribute to the dangers of secondhand smoke. 

4. e-cigarettes are odorless making them a discrete option for many people. 

5. They are cheaper in some areas

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How do vape pens work?

Vape pens consist of several major elements, which are crucial to its functioning: 

1. An eliquid or ejuice from which the vapor is produced. Vape pens allow users the flexibility of using ejuices of their choice. Ejuices come in various flavorings and are made of different substances.

2. Tank or cartilage, which stores the e liquid. Cartilages are found in single use vape pens while tanks are found in refillable vape pens. 

3. An atomizer used to evaporate the ejuice,

4. Rechargeable batteries for powering up the atomizer. 

5. A charger for recharging the batteries. 

To vape, one needs to turn on the atomizer, which heats up and vaporizes the ejuice. The ejuice fumes are inhaled into the lungs and released through the nose. You need to keep your vape pen batteries regularly charged and ready for use. 

Vape pens styles

Vape pens come in two major styles: pen style and cigarette style. 

Pen styles

Pen style vape pens are those designed to look like fancy pens. They are available in different colors, shapes, sizes and features. Depending on how discrete or showy you want your vaping pen to be. You can purchase a tiny and discrete pen, or a big and powerful one. 

Cigarette style

Cigarette style vape pens have the look and feel of traditional cigarettes. They are usually smaller than vape pens and allow users a discretion when vaping. Cigarette style vape pens are ideal for vaping beginners who are still in the transition between cigarettes and vaping. 

Vaping is still a relatively new trend. Regardless of the reason for you using vape pens, you should exercise caution especially when around children. Place your vaping equipment and ejuices away from their reach to prevent accidents. 


Vaping is the process of breathing in and exhaling aerosol (vapor) that is produced by an e-cigarette. An e-cigarette is an electronic device that produces an aerosol rather than nicotine smoke. It permits its users to eliminate or cut down their tobacco intake and stop smoking. The vaping community has a chance of experiencing differently flavored vapors with various types of e-cigarettes. Scientific research has revealed that by choosing the appropriate e-cigarette and flavor, vaping can be an enjoyable activity and help you reduce or completely eliminate your nicotine consumption. Just remember to maintain your e-cigarette in good condition and look for a vaping style that suits you. The following are ways of enjoying vaping without nicotine.

Vaping Nicotine

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Choose an appropriate vaping device:

1. E-cigarette 

You will not spend a lot of time and money to obtain the right quality on this aspect because there various types of e-cigarettes: they come in disposable or non-disposable varieties. The best category is MODs: it has higher vapor and negligible nicotine system that is designed for the user to tailor. To top it up it has a set of instruction on how to regulate the amount of vapor and maintain battery strength. 

2. Personal Vaporizers/Box Mods

These gadgets allow you to choose an e-liquid. If you want to vape with large clouds and avoid nicotine at the same time, a box mod or personal vaporizer is the ideal choice for you.

3. E-cigars 

An E-cigar looks and feels like a conventional cigar. They are a perfect choice for you if you want to have swag while vaping and at the same time avoid nicotine consumption. 

Select the right e-liquid

Once you have selected your gadget, proceed by purchasing a zero nicotine cartomizer or adding a refillable cartomizer. An e-liquid is the fluid that is fed into your e-cigarette to create vapor. There are two main types of e-liquids: vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is an e-liquid that carries and suspends flavors effectively. It provides a vaping feeling that is akin to smoking nicotine without the associated dangers. Vegetable glycerin is an e-liquid that is popular with vegetarians; it gives out a smoother vapor with a natural sweetness. Choose an e-liquid with suitable flavor and zero nicotine strength. Use propylene glycol for stronger flavor and vegetable glycerin for more vapor. Select a liquid that does not contain nicotine, this will allow you to get pleasure from vaping without the dangers of nicotine addiction. In case you have been using nicotine for some time, choose an e-liquid with a low nicotine quantity by visiting a distributer’s site and check out their selections. Continually lower the nicotine strength of your vape juice until you reach zero percent. After reaching your target (an e-juice flavor that has zero percent nicotine content), you are on your way to enjoying a nicotine free vaping experience. There are many brands with flavors that contain no nicotine, for example Charlie’s Dust and Cosmic Fog.


Nicotine is an addictive substance. A common misconception is that you will inhale nicotine from your e-cigarette. Unlike cigarette smoking vaping provides you with an option of selecting a wide range of nicotine-free e-liquids. This gives you the fun of enjoying vaping without nicotine. Join the vaping community; relax with a soothing zero-nicotine vape while being free from the shackles of nicotine. Good riddance nicotine demon!


Vaping is a topic that many counties in the world are dealing with today. While many laws concerning vaping are still in their infancy stages, many people are wondering what these laws say concerning vaping for people under the age of 18 years. Vaporizers, Ecigs and e-juices have already been banned in many parts of the world and their sale to people under the age of 18 has been made illegal. However, these laws vary from one state to another in their complexity and seriousness. In some states, the legal age for vaping has been raised from 18 to 21. In other states, vaping in public is considered a crime and in others it is not. In many other states, vaping law and the use of vaporizers is not clearly defined so that people are not sure whether or not to use the products. 

Is it illegal for someone under 18 to vape?

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As mentioned above, different states and countries have different laws concerning vaping. In most countries and states, vaping and the use of e-cigarettes by minors has been approved. However, the states that allow this are very few and there is a condition attached to it; an adult has to be present. In states where the age limit for vaping is 21, there are exceptions for certain groups of people. Naïve Americans are allowed to vape even when they have not attained the legal vaping age. This is because there are certain rituals performed by use of vaporizers. In these states, the members of the military are also exempted from the vaping rules

What is clear is that all states in the world have strict rules on the sale of vaporizers and other related products to minors. However, some of the states do not have clear rules and explicit language concerning the sale of these products. In these cases, it is still illegal for friends and daily members to sell these products to people who have not attained the legal age limit. Breaking these laws and rules can attract huge fines and even other forms of penalties. Even though most of the vaporizers were developed as safer alternatives to tobacco, the FDA has categorized them in the same category. This means that vaping causes the same class of effects to the body as the use of tobacco. The opinion of many people is that the use of vaporizers is not any different from the use of cigarettes and minors should not be allowed to use them.

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Teenagers should think twice before opting to use vaporizers. This is not only because of the health effects that vaping has to the body, but also because it is illegal. While it is advisable to steer clear of vaporizers because they cause negative effects to teenagers, laws have also been put in place against the practice. In many states, the use of vape MODS by minors can attract huge fines and even other penalties. Vaping should only be allowed if there is any tangible proof that it is actually helpful to rehabilitate the users from nicotine addiction.